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Trends for Twitter does not show your Twitter timeline. Instead, it enables you to see what's trending on Twitter around the globe, a global conversation, right now, on your TV.

After you have logged in with your Twitter credentials, you choose your favorite places to follow and then you can read trending tweets, like them, follow users, show their profiles, read conversations and see tweeted pictures. You can even create a list with topics or hashtags that you want to keep an eye on.

We will not ask you to type your Twitter credentials on the Apple TV. In fact, the app will never need to know your password. Twitter provides an elegant way to make the log-in procedure as fast, painless and secure as possible.


You can follow 4 places at the same time, with 10 trending topics in real-time. You may change your places as you want and you can show and enlarge tweeted pictures.


When you want to know more about a person who is tweeting, you show their profile with a long press on a tweet. You can see who they are and you can follow them directly from the app. There is an option for protecting following and liking with a passcode, since TV is often a shared device.

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If you find something that you would like to save for later, such as a link to a long article that you do not want to read on the TV, you can like that tweet and save it for reading later. You can also add any mentioned topic, user or hashtag to your search list with one click. Long press on a tweet presents a context-aware menu to choose from.


Trends for Twitter

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