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Continuous monitoring of solar activity is vital in ensuring maximum benefit in the operation of satellites, radio, geophysics, long distance pipelines and electricity grid. As society becomes more dependent on technology, the more we utilize space — the more we're affected by space weather.

Solar Observatory brings NOAA Space Weather Scales to your living room. This is
a great way to communicate to the general public the current and future space weather conditions. You can read more about them on NOAA's website.


Solar Observatory includes Twitter feeds with relevant hashtags, including a curated timeline with the most prominent names from the space weather community. We call it Aurora Timeline. It helps by serving as a commentary and discussion of ongoing phenomena.

Aurora Timeline also enables you to see beautiful aurora images from around the world, as they are tweeted in real time during a solar storm, and gives you additional insights in space weather phenomena as they are discussed on Twitter.


Solar Observatory contains a lot of animated content. Animated WSA-Enlil simulation, for example, shows when a coronal mass ejection, CME or solar storm will impact the Earth. You can explore the sun and learn more about space weather from your living room.


Those stunning observations of the Sun come from NASA's SDO spacecraft. You are able to see spectacular eruptions, solar flares captured by the SDO as they develop. Simply press play on your Apple TV remote to see animation of the latest images captured by the SDO.



Even if you don't know anything about space weather - we've got you covered. You can zoom on every image, chart or animation we present, and read explanation of the particular chart and its role in the space weather puzzle so you can learn and understand.

If you have any questions, follow the app on Twitter or anyone from the Aurora Timeline. There is a community of experts and scientists who love to talk about space weather.

Solar Observatory

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SDO images are courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE and HMI science teams
Space weather data is courtesy of NOAA/SWPC

Programming: Jasko Demirovic
Icon design: Jurre Houtkamp